Here's some interview footage from Robyn Frisby on joining the SCCC/LCCC Sisterhood.

Here's a short clip from Haylee Owen, talking about her experience joining the SCCC/LCCC Sisterhood group.

I took the camera out to get some footage of a street fair happening in Astoria, NY.

Music: Saboteur - Herbal Dream (ft. Kenny Koch)
Over the last weekend, I went up to Monticello, NY to get some footage of the Allyson Whitney Foundation's 5K, a race that benefits young folks with rare cancers.

This was filmed with a GoPro. This is just a little piece of footage, part of which will be usd for the Small/Large Cell Cervical Cancer documentary.

Over the weekend I rented a 16-35mm lens to try out. I've never used a lens as wide as that, or as physically intimidating. I mean, look at this beast:

Anyway, I spent a good couple hours in the park shooting whatever caught my eye. And with a lens as wide as this, it's best your subject is the size of a small planet. Footage below:

I took my camera and trusty-as-heck intervalometer to the High Line park to try out some timelapse shots. Going off of my last timelapse trial, I changed the shutter speed and also used a different lens. Here's the result below:

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: 28mm
Shutter speed: 2 seconds

I was happy with the results. There's a bit of light change but it's because it was a cloudy day and the light changed from moderately overcast to sunny as heck. It's possible I could have changed the camera settings to aperture priority but I thought that was overkill.